Meet our Experts

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E: [email protected]

Scott is our SENIOR HSE Specialist.

He is our go to guy for all random things, he is like a personal encylopedia because of his vast knowledge in several areas. And that is in addition to being a Journeyman Carpenter.

Well in modern days I guess we could say Our In Person “Google.” Ask him anything, he knows it, or will find the answer!

C: (250) 540-3137
E: [email protected]

Philippe is our SENIOR HSE Specialist.

He speaks both French and English.

Phil uplifts his team members through his sense of humor and maybe some corny jokes!

But hey, he has a natural way of creating top of the line teams that bring safety to a whole new level.

Shauna is our corporate glue- She holds the fort together and keeps us on our toes.

Things get done efficiently and fast. We love her support.

Picture of Shauna coming soon!

P: (780) 263-8397
F: (855) 541-0229
E: [email protected]

Evelyne speaks both French and English.

With her passion to excel, she is informative and quick to help in any area.

Evelyne raises the bar when it comes to team leadership and productivity.

On her downtime, you will find her sipping on Bubble Tea.

C: (250) 540-3545
F: (855) 541-0229
E: [email protected]