Mining in Canada has occurred for over 350 years, but practices, regulations and overall safety precautions have grown exponentially since then. This dangerous industry is a vital component of our nation’s economic fabric. There are thousands of technologists, engineers, scientific professionals and basic personnel who are employed in sectors including: industrial mineral support, operating coal, metals and consumer goods. 

Woodstock Constructors continues to stay abreast of the latest technology and safety practices. We have earned a solid reputation for being a reliable ally in helping different kinds of companies within the mining and mining processing industries.

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Maintaining Safety Records

With the growth only continuing to expand in this sector that already has more than 300,000 employees; Woodstock Constructors is committed to helping your company reach its targets while maintaining your safety record. Mining hazards can be avoided with proper training practices in place. Ensuring your staff knows how to administer First Aid in the event of an emergency; how to evacuate the premises correctly and how to work safe on a daily basis will keep your crew alive and safe. Downtime is eliminated and productivity remains high when everyone has the proper training ahead of time. Let Woodstock Constructors help you achieve the success you deserve.

Safety Programs

We excel at working with our clients to offer the following:

  • Safe Blasting Techniques
  • Safety Regarding Gases and Vapours
  • Recognizing and Avoiding Airborne Particulate Hazards
  • Auditing and Implementing Occupational Health and Safety
  • Meeting the Demands of Human Resources
  • Providing Highly-Skilled Staff