Safety Program Management

Woodstock Constructors is a growing organization dedicated to providing quality and cost-effective health and safety services to corporate clients. We operate across Canada, specializing in a variety of industries including: constructionoil and gaspipeline construction and maintenancehealthcaremunicipalitiesmanufacturing, and mining. Even though we serve a variety of diverse industries, we’ll insure that your safety management program is designed specifically for your business with your industries’ best practices. We look forward to helping you achieve your safety goals regardless of what industry you hail from.

Whether you are looking for experienced and knowledgeable safety personnel to meet you on the jobsite with supplies in hand, require expert feedback to help you enhance or maintain your current safety protocols, or need someone reputable to help you design and implement a new safety program for your latest company or start-up project, Woodstock Constructors has you covered.

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New Companies & Projects

Woodstock Constructors is available to discuss the safety and prequalification requirements for new companies and all of your upcoming projects. Our friendly and insightful team is happy to work with you in order to develop a safety program that is specifically tailored to suit your needs. Our dedicated staff is there every step of the way. We not only help you design your ideal program, but assist you and your workers during the implementation process.

We can work together to assess the jobsite and help you develop an emergency response plan and evacuation route. During this process, we provide training for onsite personnel and supervisors in order to ensure that the plan can be put into action properly, in the event that an emergency should ever occur.

Existing Companies & Projects

Woodstock Constructors can provide GAP analysis on your existing safety processes in order to carefully review and revise your current safety protocol. It is vital to ensure that you are meeting all regulatory requirements and adhering to safety standards. We can help you enhance your current safety programs by implementing the most up-to-date practices while providing the proper corrective actions. Executives and employees alike can take comfort in knowing that safety processes have been audited, reviewed and amended if necessary.